It happens to us all. Our brains shut off and our creativity is reduced to nothingness. Overcoming this burden can be difficult, but we’re here to help you through it. Try these remedies.

Exercise. Get your heart rate up and your blood flowing. Jumpstart your brain with a blast of energy.

Clean. Don’t work in clutter. It makes it harder to concentrate and causes distraction. Tidying up will help remove the cobwebs in the right hemisphere of your brain.

Eat healthy. Get some sugar, say from a fruit salad, in your blood. It will help your cerebral cortex clear that block.

Meditate. Clear your mind completely and let a new wave of thought rush in.

Music. Isn’t everyone inspired by his or her favorite music? Put some on.

Nap it off. Studies have shown how sleep can be a pivotal part of creativity. Take a catnap to clear your mind and refresh your creative juices. Either way, you get a nap out of it.