Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook seem to get all the love these days, but don’t sleep on LinkedIn. With over 13 million businesses and 500 million users active on the site, LinkedIn is the perfect playground to let your strategic marketing efforts loose. It offers an opportunity to establish your brand voice and stand out among other businesses to potential employees and clients alike. If you’re not taking full advantage of your LinkedIn page, just a few simple changes can reap major rewards.

Update your profile image and banner.

When someone looks up your business on LinkedIn, the first thing they’ll see is your profile image. Company pages with photos get six times more visitors than those without photos, showing that a small change can truly go a long way. Choosing a photo that represents your company and illustrates your brand will do wonders to your page traffic, even if it is just your company’s logo.

Use the 411 rule.

“What’s the 411?” may have died out with the 90s, but the phrase lends itself to a great content marketing tactic: for every piece of content you share about your organization, you should share an update from an outside source along with four articles written by others. According to LinkedIn’s marketing solutions blog, this is an easy way to avoid speaking too much about your company and instead place a refined focus on your audience’s needs.

Make sure that your updates are concise and memorable.

We all know that content can be passed by in a split second if it doesn’t engage with its audience right away. Telling your viewers what’s in it for them as simply as possible may increase the likelihood of them actually clicking on your content. LinkedIn recommends using 150 characters or less with an added element of spice to really capture your viewers’ attention. For example, you could ask your audience a question, point out something specific from the content you’re linking, or make it personal by titling posts like, “Marketing moguls, do you feel that influencer marketing is the future of the industry? Or will it fade as fast as it rose to power?”

 Improve your search visibility.

By adding company-specific keywords to your profile’s “specialties” section, your brand’s page will be exponentially easier to find. When choosing keywords, you should focus on your distinctive features so those searching know exactly what your company is about.

Engage with the community!

This tip holds true for any social media, but it’s especially true on LinkedIn. Engagement breeds more engagement, so responding to your audience when they interact with your content can spark new conversations and interest in your brand. You can easily sift through your notifications to see who is engaging with your page, and sorting by comments makes it easy to formulate a quick reply that will allow you to develop real relationships with your audience.

Though these tips may seem simple in nature, many companies haven’t taken these first steps and are struggling to see results from their LinkedIn efforts. But just taking a few minutes to implement these tactics will take your LinkedIn from monotonous to marvelous!

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