In recent years, marketing media like radio and print have lost their popularity, while television has seen an upward trend. When considering which medium works best for your business, it may be time to consider a less traditional form of advertising: podcasts.

Podcasts have become increasingly popular and offer a unique set of characteristics making them one of the best channels for advertising. Creating a podcast for your business provides effective personal advertising at a low cost. This would make an excellent medium if your company is new and needs a boost in brand awareness.


What are the benefits of creating a podcast?

According to the American Marketing Association, podcasts can provide an abundance of benefits. Consumers value a trustworthy brand, and this is especially true for new start-up companies and entrepreneurs. Businesses utilizing a podcast can build their credibility while building a relationship with their target markets. Providing product information offers value and comfort to prospective consumers, which in turn can increase your sales.

On the other hand, do not use your podcast to sell your products. No one wants to listen to a 30-60-minute sales pitch. Rather, you should get creative and subtly infuse your marketing message into your podcast. Providing links to learn more and links to purchase at the end of your show will allow intrigued consumers to gather more information about your products, without sounding too pushy.


How do I start podcasting?

Podcasting can seem like an intimidating and difficult process to start, but in reality, it is fairly simple. According to Forbes, you simply need a catchy name, good cover art and a professional introduction. After deciding on these aspects, you can begin creating content, finding guest speakers and promoting your brand.

Remember, podcasting is a fairly inexpensive way to promote brand awareness and build your company’s credibility. The best part is, you can use your podcast to create other marketing materials like social media posts and email marketing messages.

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