Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of helping any small business’ website flourish. SEO increases your site’s visibility and generates more traffic. While plenty of businesses exist to help with site optimization, here are a few easy tips that you can do for free.

Google Local Business. Getting your website indexed by Google is paramount. Google Local Business Listings helps small businesses stick out by putting them at the top of search results for business niches and locations. This service can also use your smartphone’s GPS to direct you to these local shops. Signing up is free and easy, but make sure you stay up to date with your relevant business information.

Keywords. There isn’t a perfect formula for choosing keywords. A balanced marriage of broad and targeted keywords works best. A broad keyword for the website of a company that offered SEO services, for example, would be “search engine optimization” while the targeted keyword might be “website metrics.” Placing keywords toward the beginning of content also helps. Search engines put the most stock in the first 200 (or so) words of  a page. Additionally, headlines and anchor text (links) are great spots to place keywords.

Use Social Media. Social media like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr are great ways to increase your web presence and crosslink several websites. You can also generate followers, friends and connections to view and help promote your content. Not making the most of social media can be a death sentence for a small business.