Do you have a top-notch product or service that you’re trying to sell? It might be doing just fine now, but is it reaching its full potential and reaching your FULL target audience?

If you don’t advertise (and not just on TV), then you’re not reaching your largest audience possible. Advertising can be a wonderful investment for your business, but if it’s done poorly, you will lose a lot of money. Here are some important tips to help you plan your next campaign.

Your Target Audience

Do you know EXACTLY who your target audience is? Who they are, age, where they are located? What topics do they personally seek out?

These are all factors that could help you reach the most people. Try to deeply understand them. Your campaign needs to be geared toward your niche market. Don’t create a generic ad that can be applied to anyone. Create an ad that speaks to your target audience on a personal level. They won’t remember your ad if you’re not speaking TO them on a personal level.

Tip: Don’t be a follower

Don’t get caught up in what your competitors advertise and assume they know what they are doing. Even corporate ads that spend millions of dollars can go wrong if it’s not shaped the right way. Be unique and create your brand in a distinctive way that separates you from competitors. Know your strengths and weaknesses as well as fully understanding your target audience.

Establish an Image

There is a reason why we recognize certain symbols and logos without any words attached (like McDonald’s golden arches). Your logo is attached to everything that is sent out or advertised. So it needs to be distinctive and consistent with your message.

Tip: Know your logos

You better know a vast amount of logos because if you create a logo that is relatively close to someone else, what do you think will happen? Most likely, people will confuse you with other companies. This also goes for the color and the design. Create a logo that is just as unique as the product you’re selling.


Here’s the famous phrase that you have probably heard a million times: “You have to spend money to make money!” People are always looking for ways to save money, but typically advertising is not the place to cut corners. If you do, you will notice a change in sales. Advertising effectively will cost you money, but you will also be happy with the outcomes.

Advertising Is Not Just for TV

A TV commercial is not only expensive, but you won’t reach your full audience. Don’t forget many people now have DVR and skip over all of the commercials.

Again, research your target audience and figure out what medium they use most. What are their favorite magazines and radio stations? Which social media platforms do they use most? Advertising on these platforms will reach your specific audience and cost less than TV.

Tip: Diversify

It’s easy to choose favorites when it comes down to location, price and rate of return. It’s the same with investing; don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your advertising dollars by choosing a variety of mediums for your audience.

Don’t Advertise to Everyone

Many business owners, as well as corporate executives, try to invent ways to reach every market. It usually doesn’t work. Unfortunately, your product most likely won’t appeal to everyone (unless it’s toilet paper). And if you’re a small business, you don’t have the resources to reach this kind of market.

Tip: Be Everything to Your Audience

Focus on your target audience and be everything that you can be. Make them want to seek you out because you appeal to them.

Advertising can be tricky but when done right, you will notice it. You have a product that you are passionate about so go out there and advertise! But don’t forget to be unique and be consistent.