In our fast-paced world of technology, timing is everything. Everyone wants to be the first to break big news, share a witty idea, come up with a new idea, and execute strategic marketing through social media, but what happens when the timing is all wrong or the tweet fails?


Let’s take a look at some examples of tweets that missed the mark:


DiGiorno obviously didn’t understand the context or seriousness of the hashtag before releasing this tweet.


Considering this organization’s entire reason for existing, checking the spelling of its own tweet could have saved some embarrassment.




Although the original tweet used correct hashtag capitalization practices, the person responsible should have known the Twitter world would have fun with this and misconstrue the meaning.


Ouch, right? These tweets failed for multiple reasons, but it all comes down to bad timing and lack of reviewing content. Here are a few quick tips to save you or your company from a Twitter faux pas:

  • Be informed. Know what’s going on in the world, be aware of current events, and review scheduled tweets before they go live so you don’t unintentionally publish something insensitive.
  • Check your spelling, and then check again. Spelling mistakes are completely avoidable, and you can be certain someone will call you out on your fault.
  • Double-check hashtags. They can have unintentional hidden meanings. There’s no standard on hashtag capitalization practices, so look at all the different ways a hashtag can be viewed–good or bad.


Ultimately, avoiding errors comes down to taking your time. A few extra seconds of checking content and context can save you from a world of embarrassment. Mistakes happen, but these quick tips can help you avoid unnecessary negative situations.


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