A successful digital marketing campaign draws on your web data. The breakdown of this data, aka metrics, helps you understand the who, what, where, when, why and how of your site’s traffic. Two popular tools are Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

Reporting. Set up a Google Analytics account to see how your website is performing and which pages are the most popular. You can use this tool to track success on social media and mobile apps too.

Built-in analytics. Some social media sites include their own analytics. Facebook Insights is a great tool for viewing demographic information and finding trends to help you refine your marketing techniques.

Using these, and other, analytic tools can offer a wide range of data on how visitors use your website.

Traffic. Discover how your visitors find you. Knowing this will help you determine your search engine success and let you know if social media or email campaigns are effective.

Popularity. See if a certain page of your website is more popular than others, then try to replicate its successes. Is it linked or does it use strong keywords? Know what makes it work and apply that to other sections of your site.

Where are they going? See where your site is least trafficked or where visitors tend to leave your site. What’s causing the roadblock? Sometimes simple issues like broken links or slow load times are cause for a quick exit. Other times bigger problems must be addressed.


Via: http://www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2233189/use-web-data-to-create-what-people-will-actually-care-about