We’ve all been to websites that offended practically all of our senses. Chances are you didn’t return. Here are some quick things to avoid when considering your website design.

Music. Remember in the early days of AOL when websites would auto-load files of atrocious music? Never do that. It stopped happening for a reason. Even if the audio quality is good…just don’t.

Ad abuse. Keep your ads to a minimum. We know, they can be a decent way to generate money, but you want to rely on your business to generate capital—not annoying ads that deter visitors. And don’t embed ads into content.

Navigation. Every now and then you come across a trendy looking site that looks like the future of the internet. But before long you leave because you have no idea how to actually navigate. Keep your navigation simple or users will navigate over to your competitor’s site.

Get around. Be certain your website is compatible with all the popular browsers. Don’t limit your audience.

Pop ups. Don’t.

Via: http://rerral.com/what-to-avoid-when-designing-website/