A more usable website is a more successful website. Think of your users when you design your site or develop content. Good usability means your site is efficient, memorable and free of errors. Here are some tips to increase your site’s usability.

Be concise. People skim websites looking for keywords, so get to the point. Make what they’re looking for easy to find and not buried under paragraphs of text.

Group your text. Put headings on chunks of related text. This will make it easier for your user to jump right to what they’re looking for instead of finding it on another site more easily.

Inverted pyramid. Put the most important stuff at the top of the webpage. As you scroll down, the information can be supporting or related, but make sure the stuff the user is looking for is seen first.

Hyperlink. This can aid readability and usability. Being able to jump to something new or important is beneficial to your users.

Visuals. People like pictures or information broken down in infographics. Supplement words with visuals wherever possible.


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