There’s an old adage that says, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything.” What does your company stand for? Are you steadily committed to a social cause? Or do you find yourself falling for every cause-of-the-month that comes along? When 90% of Americans polled say that they are more likely to trust brands that back social causes, it’s a good idea to find a social issue you’re willing to stand for and make that a part of your brand.

I recently saw a commercial in which Chick-fil-A was promoting its #coffeewithastory. Intrigued by the ad, I went to the website to learn more. Through a partnership with THRIVE Farmers Coffee, Chick-fil-A is truly embracing the farm-to-table, sustainable, responsibly sourced food movement that consumers are increasingly demanding. And its ad campaign reflects that commitment genuinely and eloquently. It’s not just promoting a popular cause-of-the-moment, its actively working to help create real social change.

So how can your company get involved in supporting a social cause?

First, know that finding a cause that aligns with your company’s values will not happen overnight. Take time to research something that you’re passionate about. Ask your employees what’s important to them. Getting everyone involved will help foster a sense of community and unity among your staff.

Second, try to find a cause that has an established and reputable presence. Partner with a non-profit group in your town. People love local organizations that make a difference in their own community.

And lastly, be genuine and engaging. Encourage your customers to join in the movement. Creating a conversation about the social change you’re a part of will draw people to your organization and build consumer trust in your brand. If you truly believe in the cause you’re supporting, marketing your partnership and telling your story should unfold effortlessly.