Social media and the immediacy of the internet have led to people sharing much of their lives online. From pictures of their breakfast to their late-night thoughts, people have become transparent. Should businesses do the same?

Since people are used to having an inside look at each other’s lives, they want the same openness from businesses. Businesses who are transparent are much more likely to garner consumer trust, support, and loyalty.

Maybe CEOs don’t need to Instagram their morning coffee and bagel, but they should be sharing important company information with employees and customers. Withholding information is no longer considered acceptable. People expect and demand honesty. Since consumers vote with their dollars, this is important to keep in mind in order to establish and maintain a successful business.

Transparency can take many different forms, and not every business will use the same techniques and tools. Just find what works for you and stick to it. Here are some ideas for more transparent business practices:

  • Complete work in the cloud or in document sharing servers (such as Google docs).
  • Have an open-door policy in the office.
  • Have an “open email server”: allow searchable access to all company and employee emails.
  • Make company performance measures visible and accessible.
  • Be transparent on social media (same voice/practices).
  • Use transparency as the norm, not just during a crisis.
  • Be truthful, timely, and responsive.
  • Share the good and the bad.
  • Apply the transparency policies to everyone, from the CEO to interns.

These transparency tactics help your employees and customers believe and trust you. People want to be included and informed, and they will work harder and better when they are. It’s a low- or no-cost initiative, so you really have nothing to lose!

Transparency is the new standard for businesses. Be who you are, let other people see, and watch your business thrive.



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