In a world saturated with content, the benefits of each method can get blurred – or even forgotten altogether! Today we’re going to talk about a content platform that you don’t want to neglect: Podcasting

Marketing Funnel

A podcast serves as the top of your marketing funnel and skyrockets your business’ credibility. The conversations you have while recording the podcast can easily convert to blog content, social media posts, or even email newsletters! This cross-platform content will boost your SEO and brand authority. Podcasts also allow you the opportunity to show your expertise in a specific niche.

Access Your Niche 

Speaking of niche, podcasts unlock access to audiences that will seek out your content. The difference between a mass audience and a niche, is that a mass audience represents a large number of people, while a niche audience is a highly influential, smaller audience. Building personal connections with your consumers is essential in today’s market, and effective relationships lead to higher customer retention rates. Check out this article on targeting your ideal market. 

Podcasts are Multitasking-friendly

Consumers are busy! Multitasking is the move of the future and people are gravitating towards podcasts as a result of easy access to content. Podcasting is quickly replacing radio during the morning commute. Why? People feel more connected to podcasts because of their highly specific topics. Radio shows tend to serve broader audiences and are typically restricted to the car. Users can listen to podcasts wherever they want. 

Still not convinced? Here are a few statistics about the current podcast industry:

Important Statistics:

  • The number of podcast listeners has increased to 117.8 million.
  • 51% of Americans reported listening to podcasts in 2019, and that number is only rising.
  • The average podcast listener spends 6 ½ hours each week listening to podcasts.
  • Brands that advertise their products and services on business podcasts enjoy an average 14% rise in purchase intent.
  • 63% of podcast listeners have made a purchase based on something a podcast recommended 

The marketing industry is full of different voices and personalities, but that should not hinder you from starting a podcast and taking your business to the next level. Learn more about starting a podcast here.

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