You might be asking yourself, “what’s a Klout score?” Well, it’s a pretty simple way of measuring your overall influence across social media. Basically, Klout grades how well you influence your friends, followers, circles and others in your social networks. A score between 1 and 100 is assigned to each particular medium. So, you may earn a 20 on Twitter and a 40 on Facebook. Let’s have a look at how to get your scores and keep them as high as possible.

How. Getting your Klout score is easy. Just go to and connect with whatever social media you are using. Sometimes you will get instant reports, and other sites might take a while to generate.

What. A great thing about Klout is you can see your influence history. Whether it’s likes, retweets, or new friends and followers, the score will show you a visual history of your online presence. You can learn from these trends to help increase future scores.

Why. Well, if you have a small business it can pay to know who is listening. Klout is an easy way to see which people take note of your posts and what those particular posts were. When you get a particularly high rating for something it can be helpful to see what it was so that you can recreate its success.

Increase. The best ways to get a higher score are to make the right connections and posts. To do this, build relationships on your social media, spark interactivity with questions and share content. In time your influence will be felt.